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Versatile GV2 XO Submarine GMT Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 23. Feb 2016 15:18 |

by John Sealander   A second time zone makes this new addition to the GV2 Submarine Collection worthy of a second look. Taking its name from one of the navy’s most versatile vessels, the GV2 XO Submarine GMT combines rugged good looks with a wealth of features that …

Retro Inspired Versus Versace Abbey Road Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 19. Feb 2016 17:18 |

by John Sealander   In 1969, The Beatles made this road famous. In 2016 Versus Versace made it fashionable. Tweet

Moon Phase Gevril Cortland Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 9. Feb 2016 23:03 |

by Adrian Herscovici   Gevril’s Tribute to New York’s Radio Row Much of the New York skyline was erected during the Roaring Twenties, and with that boom came a multitude of districts and businesses to support the prospering economy. One district, located in the city’s Lower …

Limited Edition Gevril Park Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 31. Jan 2016 15:13 |

by Adrian Herscovici   Absolute Gevril Most collectors are familiar with the Gevril tradition of crafting sophisticated, Swiss made gentlemen’s watches with New York City themes. These include classics such as the ultra-elegant Avenue of Americas and sporty Tribeca …

Spectacular Versus Versace Tokyo Crystal Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 27. Dec 2015 16:58 |

by John Sealander   With three hands, 110 Swarovski crystals, and the iconic Versus lion, what more could you want? Tweet

Boldly Styled GV2 La Luna Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 6. Dec 2015 15:58 |

by John Sealander   The moon has helped man measure time for thousands of years. Now the GV2 La Luna celebrates the moon’s influence with a stellar new timepiece. Every twenty-eight days the moon marches across the sky. Every 24 hours, the GV2 La Luna celebrates the passage …

Festive GV2 Asti Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 26. Nov 2015 18:08 |

by John Sealander   The home of some of Italy’s most glamorous wines and spirits is the inspiration for one of GV2’s most desirable timepieces. Asti, Italy has a history that goes all the way back to the Roman Empire, but it is best known as the center of one of Italy’s …

Versatile GV2 Polpo Chronograph Collection

Watch Brands | 22. Nov 2015 18:18 |

by John Sealander   The versatile octopus has eight arms. The equally versatile GV2 Polpo has eight different functions. Polpo means octopus in Italian. These clever cephalopods are known for their ability to camouflage and defend themselves against predators and travel …

Beautiful GV2 Carrara Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 18. Nov 2015 19:33 |

by John Sealander   Carrara, Italy is known around the world for its beautiful marble. Now, it shares its illustrious name with an equally beautiful watch. Carrara marble has been renowned for its beauty since the days of Ancient Rome. The Pantheon and Trajan’s Column were …

Classically Styled GV2 Berletta Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 12. Nov 2015 15:08 |

by John Sealander   A lady always understands the importance of understated elegance on her wrist. The right timepiece on your wrist can make a strong statement about who you are. When you’re wearing the stylish new 37 mm ladies GV2 Berletta, people will never get the wrong …

Boldly Original GV2 Motorcycle Sport Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 9. Nov 2015 18:13 |

by John Sealander   This big, bold beast captures the excitement of the open road with authentic motorcycle detailing. If you like motorcycles, you’re going to love the new GV2 Motorcycle Sport Watch Collection. These boldly original 48 mm men’s timepieces capture the …

Seductive GV2 Marsala Gemstone Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 29. Oct 2015 20:38 |

by John Sealander   Add diamonds and gemstones to the full-bodied richness of fine Marsala wine and you’ve got one of the most seductive ladies timepieces of the year. It is no accident that Italy’s most popular fortified wine became the namesake for one of the most …

Futuristic GV2 Macchina Del Tempo Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 21. Oct 2015 17:53 |

by John Sealander   Take a trip back to the future with a GV2 time machine on your wrist. Macchina Del Tempo literally means “time machine” in Italian. The aptly named GV2 Macchina Del Tempo definitely looks like something Christopher Lloyd might have worn in Back to the …

Fashion Forward Versus Versace Bayside Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 16. Oct 2015 16:23 |

by John Sealander   Some of film’s greatest stars made Bayside famous in the 1920’s. Now, a new star is making the Bayside name famous all over again. Tweet

Fashion and Watch Color Trends for Fall 2015

Watch Brands | 7. Oct 2015 18:58 |

Cozy up to the hottest colors for Fall 2015, a universally flattering range of nature-inspired hues that make saying goodbye to summer a bit easier. Reflecting the increasing style-consciousness of today’s man, the menswear shows went beyond the usual neutrals to bring in …

Versus Versace Elmont 3-Hand Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 2. Oct 2015 03:13 |

by John Sealander   When the town that hosts the Belmont Stakes lends its name to a watch, you know it must be exciting. Tweet

Versatile Versus Versace Chrono Lion Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 10. Sept 2015 22:38 |

by John Sealander   This big cat is king of the jungle when it comes to timing events in style. Tweet

Rüdiger Hamelin Multi-Function Retrograde Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 7. Sept 2015 01:33 |

by John Sealander   According to legend, the children of Hamelin found the Pied Piper irresistible. We predict the Rüdiger Hamelin will prove to be just as irresistible to watch aficionados. Legend has it that during the Middle Ages the Pied Piper of Hamelin was able to …

Dazzling Versus Versace Sunnyridge Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 30. Aug 2015 20:50 |

by John Sealander   It’s no surprise that this dazzling timepiece was named after one of New York’s most affluent residential communities. Tweet

Fortis 18K Gold Timepieces from the New Terrestis Collection

Watch Brands | 21. Aug 2015 00:15 |

by John Sealander   It’s nice to know that your watch has been the gold standard for excellence for over 100 years. It’s even nicer, when it’s made of solid 18K gold. Fortis timepieces have always been as good as gold in the eyes of watch aficionados. Now the brand that …

Ferragamo Gancino Bracelet Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 12. Jul 2015 19:48 |

by Adrian Herscovici   Florentine Enchantment A great cocktail watch is a piece of jewelry that should be at once classy and carefree; it should express both whimsy and sophisticated charm, and it should be unmistakably high society – in other words, everything that defines …

Fortis Terrestis Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 12. Jul 2015 18:38 |

by John Sealander   If you thought that Fortis only made tool watches, the new Terrestis Collection will remind you of a time when Fortis made milestones. Many of you know Fortis as the watchmaker who produces some of the world’s best aviator and space watches. What many …

Versace V-Helix Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 6. Jul 2015 17:28 |

by John Sealander   Even when time is standing still, this amazing watch appears to be in motion. Versace’s new V-Helix Collection is pure poetry in motion. The artistry and craftsmanship found in the delicate curves of this exquisite creation puts a whole new spin on time. …

Versace Khai Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 6. Jul 2015 17:28 |

by John Sealander   In some cultures the word Khai represents a triumph. In others it signifies majesty and greatness. A watch with this name is all the above. The impressive new Versace Khai Collection is definitely a triumph. This sophisticated 38 mm two-hand …

Versus Riverdale Chronograph Collection

Watch Brands | 28. Jun 2015 23:33 |

by John Sealander   In a community distinguished by classically styled mansions, you’d feel right at home with a Riverdale timepiece on your wrist. Tweet

Versus Manhasset Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 28. Jun 2015 22:58 |

by John Sealander   Like the charming Long Island village it was named for, the Versus Manhasset offers a unique combination of cosmopolitan style and practical value. Tweet

Versus Roslyn Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 28. Jun 2015 21:48 |

by John Sealander   What says elegance better than a watch that takes its name from a place where the Tiffany, Vanderbilt, and Guggenheim families once lived? Tweet

Fortis 19Fortis Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 17. Jun 2015 21:33 |

by Adrian Herscovici   New Territory, Same Fortis Expertise After more than a century of watchmaking, Fortis can cite several years in its history that are significant to the establishment of its reputation as a leader in the design of fine timepieces. Years like 1943, when …

Fortis Hedonist Watch Collection

Watch Brands | 17. Jun 2015 20:23 |

by John Sealander   Both classically inspired Fortis timepieces have their roots in the elegance of the 1930’s but are as different as night and day. The beautiful new Fortis Hedonist Collection is a tribute to the iconic timepieces from the 1930’s that made the Fortis …

Versace and Versus Watches Wow JCK Las Vegas 2015

Watch Brands | 15. Jun 2015 03:18 |

by John Sealander   When Versace and Versus, two of the world’s favorite timepiece brands attend the jewelry industry’s most important event, it’s a recipe for excitement and sales. Although the annual JCK Show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is over for …