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How Does Work?

Watch Blogs download and display RSS feeds from interesting blogs about watches to keep you updated about news. Nothing more and nothing less.

Why Should I Use

If you're a watch fan, you maybe appreciate the possibility to read all the interesting news on one place. Well, at least I do so I started this server and if you find it useful too, I'm glad. Well, maybe you ask: “Does it have an advantage to Google Reader or any other RSS reader?” Well, I would say it's nicer, you do not have mark everything as read, when you don't want to and you don't have to manage your subscriptions. And if you still prefer a RSS reader, just subsrcibe to the RSS feed of

Who Runs

Matěj Novák, (nick Pachollini) from Czech Republic (a small country with peculiar language in the heart of Europe). Watch fan who works in the company Centrum Holdings. Feel free to contact me on pachollini(a)na­

What Technology Does Use?

It's powered by Antonín agregátor developed by my friend Jan Bien. Please contact me, if you're interested in.

I Like It!

Really? That's great, thanks!! If you want to support, I'll be glad if you link it from your site / blog / whatever. You can use a code like this:
<a href=""> – news for watch enthusiasts</a>

I Know a Great Blog About Watches Which Is Not in Your List!

Great, let me know please, I'll check it. Please note that are focusing to classic mechanical wrist watches, or in other words, wrist watches without battery.

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