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Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonphase ST345.0809

Fratello Watches | 23. Feb 2016 06:28 |

About a month ago, during the annual SIHH exhibition in Geneva, Omega introduced a new Speedmaster with moonphase indicator. We wrote about that new caliber 9904 Speedmaster Moonphase here. Besides this new Speedmaster Moonphase Chronometer that will be shown in a few weeks …

Hublot: Visiting the carbon case production and discover how carbon cases are made!

Fratello Watches | 22. Feb 2016 12:03 |

Did you ever wonder what goes into the construction of a watch case and in particular a watch case made of high tech materials like carbon fiber? We got deeper insights into the Hublot carbon case manufacturing workshop in Gland, Switzerland to find out. We will follow the …

Overlooked: The Caseback

Fratello Watches | 22. Feb 2016 08:38 |

The front side of a watch gets lots of attention in general. Often more than the caseback, so I’ve decided to write an article dedicated to casebacks and their designs. Besides some nice and extravagant examples, I will discuss some general facts and my personal way of …

FOUND: Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 Blue Dial For Sale

Fratello Watches | 19. Feb 2016 12:08 |

Last week I received an e-mail from Bob about his Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-65 blue dial watch. A rarity, as we wrote back in December 2014 when we discussed the blue dial Speedmaster Pro 145.012 from the Omega Museum. During our Speedmaster GTG in Düsseldorf …

Watches in the Wild – Demarcus Ware (Denver Broncos) wearing a Rolex Sky-Dweller

Fratello Watches | 19. Feb 2016 07:33 |

If you don’t live under a rock you probably heard about the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers a few weeks ago at Super Bowl 50. It was a two worlds collide kinda thing; the Broncos are one of the oldest teams in the NFL (established in 1960) and the Panthers are …

#TBT: The Top Five Vintage Sports Chonographs…and Five More

Fratello Watches | 18. Feb 2016 09:28 |

Top five vintage sports chronographs: sounds audacious, doesn’t it?  This week, on #TBT, I’ll take a breather from reviewing an individual watch. Instead, I’d like to – hopefully – entertain you with some thoughts on building a nice collection of vintage 1960’s, and maybe …

Audemars Piguet Historian Michael Friedman And His Top 3 Of Audemars Piguet Watches

Fratello Watches | 17. Feb 2016 14:28 |

In the mid-1990’s, when my love for mechanical watches really took off, I bought as many magazines and watch books I could possibly find as information on the internet was rather difficult to find and not so common as it is now. In a couple of these generic watch books, …

German Military Timepieces – Book Review

Fratello Watches | 17. Feb 2016 10:58 |

German Military Timepieces It is obvious that whenever we need to research about our watch – or anything else for that matter- we reach for our smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are one of these guys and only use a book as a doorstop or level the table leg please stop …

Speedy Tuesday – The Rare But Unloved Speedmaster Rattrapante Chronometer

Fratello Watches | 16. Feb 2016 11:43 |

Years ago, even before I started Fratello Watches, I visited this Omega dealer near the place where my parents lived. I think I might already have my first Speedmaster that I bought in October 1999, so probably around 2000/2001. The sales person showed me this – then – new …

Watch Strap Review Part 18. – Strapped Watch Co.

Fratello Watches | 15. Feb 2016 10:18 |

It is February and we have yet another Watch Strap Review for you. Even though we try and find strap makers from around the world we also have to give space for guys coming from the same country, especially if we’re talking about countries like the US or Italy where many …

Vintage Market Update: Winter 2016 – move quickly!

Fratello Watches | 12. Feb 2016 15:28 |

It’s been roughly three months since our last Vintage Market update, so it’s high time for another. It’s the middle of winter for most of our readership and it also coincides with a relatively dead spot in the calendar, so why not kick back and read a little bit about …

#TBT Yema Rallye Chronograph

Fratello Watches | 11. Feb 2016 11:08 |

The last time I reviewed a Yema, the Daytona as it’s nicknamed, I came away with a rather lukewarm feeling. The watch was nice, but I likened it to a lookalike product; it’s close to the real deal, but somehow lacking in the details. Today, though, we focus on a different …

Zenith: Assembly of the Academy Georges Favre Jacot movement

Fratello Watches | 11. Feb 2016 10:38 |

Zenith developed a special complicated watch to celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Georges Favre Jacot timepiece, which is equipped with a fusee and chain constant force system, to its development of marine clocks. Zenith traces the roots of this watch to its development …

Zenith: Assembly of the Academy Georges Favre Jacot movement

Fratello Watches | 11. Feb 2016 10:03 |

Zenith developed a special complicated watch to celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Georges Favre Jacot timepiece, which is equipped with a fusee and chain constant force system, to its development of marine clocks. Zenith traces the roots of this watch to its development …

Breaking: a Universal Geneve Compax “Nina Rindt” found for next to nothing

Fratello Watches | 10. Feb 2016 15:18 |

Earlier this morning, had you awoken very early and jet-lagged in Tokyo, you might have joined other annoying Western tourists in going to the seafood market to watch – and likely get in the way of – the auctioning of the mighty Bluefin tunas. If actually living in this …

Introducing Eza Sealander

Fratello Watches | 9. Feb 2016 14:18 |

Last week the new owners of Eza came down to the Fratello Watches HQ in The Hague and showed us their Eza Sealander. Needless to say that we always like to have watch people over in our office to ramble about watches over a coffee, we love it when we get to see a new watch …

Speedy Tuesday – Your Chance To Own A Flown Speedmaster X-33

Fratello Watches | 9. Feb 2016 13:08 |

With only a few hours to go, there is still a chance to own that flown Speedmaster watch. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Zalyotin (53) received this Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 from the Russian Federal Space Agency in 2000 and used it during missions to both the Mir and …

Parmigiani Senfine – On Its Way To 90 Days of Power Reserve

Fratello Watches | 8. Feb 2016 13:18 |

The name Senfine is perhaps giving too much hope, meaning “eternally” in Esperanto, but this concept watch by Parmigiani is already showing some promising results when it comes to power reserve. Where your average mechanical watch has probably a power reserve of somewhere …

Christie’s Online Auction of Rare Omega Watches

Fratello Watches | 7. Feb 2016 00:03 |

Only a few months ago, Christie’s had their Omega Speedmaster 50 Auction held in New York City with a 100% selling rate. This time, Christie’s is having an online auction (that still runs for almost 3 more days) with some incredibly nice Omega watches. Not only Speedmaster …

The difference between a tourbillon and a carrousel

Fratello Watches | 5. Feb 2016 13:53 |

What is the difference between a tourbillon and a carrousel? Gain exclusive insights into the workshop of the oldest watch brand in the world! Blancpain is unique in the world of watchmaking as it is the only house which has mastered the art of placing a carrousel in a …

#TBT Clebar Chronograph Venus 178

Fratello Watches | 4. Feb 2016 10:03 |

“Clebar” is apparently slang in French for wet dog. I suppose that’s better than a cat, but it’s still not overly flattering. Then, we have Robert-Jan’s colorful take on the word – he thinks it sounds like an ill-gotten malady that would often require a shot of penicillin. …

Follow Us on Instagram

Fratello Watches | 3. Feb 2016 10:48 |

As you’ve probably noticed, we publish an article per day – and some times two – since 2015 on Fratello Watches. We use Facebook and Twitter to let our followers on those channels know that there is new content on our website, as we do with Instagram. However, on Instagram …

Speedy Tuesday – An Overview of Speedmaster Books

Fratello Watches | 2. Feb 2016 15:33 |

With all the stress of the watch shows like SIHH and BaselWorld in our mailbox, we are unable to answer all Speedmaster related questions we get in a timely matter. However, a lot of them concern questions about authenticity and originality. Super-LumiNova or a modern bezel …

Need Your Help – Lost Omega Speedmaster in Paris

Fratello Watches | 2. Feb 2016 09:08 |

One of our dear readers sent us a message about a lost Omega Speedmaster Professional. His uncle lost his 1970 Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 while he was in Paris. It was on a leather strap and it probably just fell off. The Police in Paris has been noticed, but …

Watches & Pencils #12 – Use of Color in Watches

Fratello Watches | 1. Feb 2016 08:23 |

Before we enter the next story about color I would like to say something about the past period of Watches & Pencils on Fratello Watches. It all started pretty small with a quick sketch and a few lines (view the very first post about the ‘Bullhead’ here). After the launch …

Hands-On Longines Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph Review

Fratello Watches | 29. Jan 2016 12:33 |

The fact that Longines decided in 1984 to stop producing their own movements and use ETA instead, does not mean they don’t have interesting timepieces for ‘techies’. As long as CEO Walter von Känel is on board, this is not going to change (as he told us here), he is …

#TBT Seiko 6159-7010 Tuna

Fratello Watches | 28. Jan 2016 14:28 |

Normally Michael Stockton takes care of our weekly recurring TBT feature, but due to extensive traveling he was unable to this week. To keep this installment of TBT true to him, I would like to talk about the Seiko 6159-7010 Tuna that I bought a couple of months ago. …

Hands-On With The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph (Live Photos and Official Price)

Fratello Watches | 27. Jan 2016 10:23 |

In 2010, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak Offshore Diver to us, reference 15703 (a review can be found here). That watch made quite an impression on me to be honest. I am a sucker for the original Royal Oak references, from the 5402 to the current 15202, so I …

Speedy Tuesday – Found: Omega Speedmaster Worn By Willy Mairesse

Fratello Watches | 26. Jan 2016 08:58 |

Willy Mairesse and his Omega Speedmaster The Omega Speedmaster is one of the most recognizable watches of the second half of the 20th century. A watch that originally was released as a racing model in 1957– hence the name – but gained worldwide fame as the timepiece that …

Don’t Be Ashamed About Collecting Watches, The Others Are Worse! 7 Examples Given In This Article!

Fratello Watches | 25. Jan 2016 14:08 |

How often do you need to explain your love for watches? I’ve noticed that I don’t mind explaining why I like watches so much, or explaining what I am exactly doing all day as a watch journalist. It is understandable because – believe it or not – not everyone is into watches …