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Saturday, Jan 30 2016

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Instagram Posts of the Week #22

PROFESSIONAL WATCHES | 30. Jan 2016 21:58 |

solo #nightride with #007spectre and #harleydavidson #streetglide #flhx !!! #fridaynightlume #fridaynight #lumeshot #vintagelook #lollipophand #seamaster #wristshot #omega #omegamychoice #bondwatch #jamesbond #itsakeeper #ittellsthetime #doesitdoanything #modani #rolexero …

Watching the Web for January 30, 2016 | 30. Jan 2016 13:13 |

It seems like just yesterday that 2016 came upon us, and it is already 1/12 of the way into the books. So today I will present our final Watching the Web for the month of January, our weekly look at all things horological on the web, and a recap of what you found most …


OceanicTime | 30. Jan 2016 12:03 |

By TLex Not just a pretty face! With its dark chestnut brown sandwich dial, and enigmatic vintage design echoing what was arguably the coolest experimental wristwatch ever made, the new DIEVAS MG-1 has been 3 years in the making. Each of its components including the case, …


OceanicTime | 30. Jan 2016 10:58 |

By TLex Introducing the HAMILTON Khaki Navy Frogman 2016 – lightweight, rugged and with a bit of an aggressive edge! Fronted by world-renowned free diver, Pierre Frolla, each model in the collection is equipped with a chunky crown-protection system, inspired by its 1951 …

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph Watches Hands-On

aBlogtoWatch | 30. Jan 2016 09:23 |

There are some watches out there that, one might feel, appear to have always been around. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph works so well as a natural extension to the Diver collection that, to me, it is certainly such a watch. A couple weeks ago at …

Half Price Off All LIP Watches of France

Watchismo Times - A reliquary of … | 30. Jan 2016 00:28 |

For the First and Last Time50% off all LIP WatchesAt first glance, you might assume these are modern designs - but you'd be wrong - these iconic French watches were first introduced way back in the early 70s! Now we're nearly all out of stock so we're celebrating this great …