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We are proud to inform you:Our watch shop is ONLINE! | 17. Feb 2011 15:56 |

We were(and will be!) always happy to bring you latest news about world`s best enginering solutions in watch industry!But now we decided to offer you the oppurtunity not only to see those beautifull masterpieces on you flat screen,but to touch them on your wrist!The …

Volna Typhoon Watches - Tribute to Diving Heroes | 9. Jul 2008 14:56 |

Typhoon, entering the first collection of Volna watches, is high-tech, potent and solid. The timepiece features a distinctive design with strong identity characteristics. The first Typhoon collection is a clear demonstration of the brand's quest for innovation, and bold …

New Glycine AIRMAN Special II Created for Purists | 17. Apr 2008 22:00 |

Glycine experts and aficionados have long been waiting for the brand's new AIRMAN model to be housed in a 42-mm-in-diameter case. Now their dream has come true - Glycine has unveiled the AIRMAN Special II featuring 24-hour display. The design of the new Glycine AIRMAN …

Instrument BR03-92 Military - Military Design by Essence | 12. Feb 2008 14:26 |

Bell and Ross has recently introduced a new kaki model to join its BR03 range. The Instrument BR03-92 Military features a resolutely military look. The 42-mm masculine watch is light, waterproof, resistant and has an easy-to-read dial. The timepiece seems to be created for …

Carl F.Bucherer Presents: Innovative Patravi Chronograde | 12. Feb 2008 14:26 |

The Patravi Chronograde created by Carl F.Bucherer took two years of thorough development. As a result, there appeared the first ever timepiece equipped with six useful functions, as well as a retrograde hour display for the chronograph function. Altogether, the watch …

Aerowatch Renaissance Tourbillon - Exquisite Sophistication and Refinement | 12. Feb 2008 14:26 |

Watch manufacturer AEROWATCH SA has created a one-of-a-kind 18-K rose gold timepiece with Tourbillon. The new timepiece of AEROWATCH is a bold attempt of the Jura-based company to explore new horizons in the horology field. The 42-mm-diameter case of the AEROWATCH is …

Armand Nicolet L07 - Smart Investment Ahead in Time | 5. Feb 2008 13:56 |

The new Armand Nicolet Limited Edition has taken up a new challenge and joined the exclusive world of chronographs. Following the original series equipped with small seconds functions, Armand Nicolet L07 has been created in a new chronograph version. The new Armand Nicolet …

Military Watches for Professional Use | 28. Jan 2008 14:41 |

Memphis Belle is world famous as the producer of professional waterproof watches and chronographs. All the Memphis Belle timepieces are developed while applying materials of the highest quality. The brand was named after the legendary B-17. Between November 1942 and May …

New Raymond Weil Watches for Sports Lovers | 16. Jan 2008 13:11 |

The new Raymond Weil Sport Chic collection comprises watches with dynamic, up-to-date design. The timepieces reveal meticulous finish and the ultimate in style and elegance.THE brand's SPORT Chic collection has been created for the men of today. It offers a range of models, …

Villemont Arctic Explorer Limited Edition Lewis Pugh | 8. Jan 2008 14:56 |

On 15th July 2007, Lewis Gordon Pugh, famous explorer from Britain, was courageous enough to swim 1km through the North Pole's freezing waters in temperatures of - 1.8 degrees Celsius. As dictated by the Channel Swimming Association Rules, the explorer swam wearing just a swimming costume, cap and goggles.To fulfill this amazing record and a physically-challenging feat, Lewis Gordon Pugh came through a long and intensive preparation period. The swim took the explorer 18 minutes and 50 seconds. He broke a new record

Exquisite Digital Technologies for Ladies | 8. Jan 2008 14:56 |

At present day watch connoisseurs have noticed the tendency of analogue watches becoming more and more highly-demanded. It is also true that a lot of luxury watches feature applique index markers crafted in precious materials in a signature design of the brand. Back in the 1980-s, digital watches were really popular with ladies. Ladies who feel attracted to the trends of the 80s and like to express their female individuality, may consider adding an originally-styled digital watch into their collection.From a range of original ladies digital watches available today it is possible to single out three of the best ones. The TAG Heuer Diamonds Fiction is a truly luxurious watch sparkling with diamonds. The exceptional timepiece is both glamorous and avant-garde. The precious and pure Diamond Fiction is based upon innovative concept

New Ebel 1911 Watch to Discover | 18. Dec 2007 14:11 |

The Ebel 1911 watch line was initially introduced by the brand in 1986. It was created to celebrate the 75-th anniversary of the Ebel Company foundation date. Today the brand decided to update and enrich its iconic 1911 line. New Ebel 1911 watch has marked the brand's new …

Timepiece inspired by world of Jules Verne | 10. Dec 2007 12:56 |

Vulcania is the name Fabrice Gonet has chosen for his second watch recently designed. The amazing timekeeping creation was inspired by the world Jules Verne described in his books and inherited its name from the mysterious Vulcania Island. The watch is designed in the …

Unique Musical Wristwatch | 10. Dec 2007 12:56 |

Reuge Company Reuge, a Swiss music box producer, has developed a unique musical wristwatch under the brand name of Mermod Freres. The timepiece does not simply offer the 'minute repeater' function - it does not have a hammer striking a bell. Instead, the musical wristwatch has incorporated special disks activating metal strips, the same way as in our grandparents' old music boxes. The Reuge Company was established in 1886. It represents the only remaining music box maker in Switzerland and only one of three in the world. It is managed by Kurt Kupper, the new CEO of the brand. Reuge products range in price from 300 to 120,000 Swiss francs.Reuge musical creations bear a distinctive touch of modernity. Just imagine, the latest of the brand's music boxes was designed like a V-shaped engine exclusively for Ferrari! Innovative Ideas Kurt Kupper has initiated a few innovative ideas - the company has developed the following original music boxes:music boxes for Maybach automobiles;bell-boy hat-shaped music boxes for all the just-married at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo, with the waiting list completed till the end of 2008; Harry Potter music boxes, including a 'musical piece of furniture' equipped with an LCD screen and DVD player; and even special music boxes for the BirdLife animal welfare foundation with Her Royal Highness Princess Takamado of Japan as the foundation's Honorary President. Mermod Freres' Acquisition Reuge has recently acquired the Mermod Freres watch company, with the foundation dating back to 1816. The company was established in Sainte-Croix, also the home of Reuge. Mermod Freres specialized in the development of complicated watches and mechanical music boxes. Unfortunately, after the crash of 1929 the production was stopped.After almost 80 years, the Mermod Freres watch company has been revitalized, having presented a world first - the Primo 4. The development of the timepiece has been based on the four-year research. The new watch has successfully mixed two types of savoir-faire

New Version of Iconic Panerai Radiomir | 29. Nov 2007 10:52 |

New Versions At the 2007 SIHH the iconic Panerai Radiomir model will house the P.2003 Calibre 10 days automatic GMT. It will be revealed with two new versions: Radiomir Black Seal - a watch with a ceramic case, powered by the hand-wound movement OP XI; Radiomir Cronografo - …

New Piaget Altiplano Watch - Everything is Possible | 29. Nov 2007 10:16 |

The new Piaget Altiplano watch serves as a clear proof that nothing is impossible today for luxury watch brands. The unique timekeeping creation reveals diamond fingerprinting. Piaget has provided everyone interested with the amazing opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind …

Antoine Preziuso Presents: 3Volution Tri-tourbillon | 19. Nov 2007 10:50 |

The first glance dropped at the recently developed 3Volution watch by Antoine Preziuso deeply impresses by its unusual appearance. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon 204 years ago. The invention was meant to offset the disadvantages caused by the influence of …

Mercury Chronograph FL 301 - Wonder of Innovations | 12. Oct 2007 14:51 |

The Mercury Chronograph FL 301 to join the new Favre-Leuba collection, has been inspired by two unique events. First of all, the timepiece commemorates the Favre Manufacture's official registration in Le Locle in 1737. Then the watch is meant to remind about an extremely rare eclipse of the planet Mercury by Venus that occurs once in 396 years.The Mercury Chronograph FL 301, the same as every models from the Mercury collection, is equipped with an automatic Favre-Leuba caliber. The timepiece has been created in a number of versions, but all the timepieces are characterized by perfection in every detail. Each model is special for its unique design and the perfection of brushed or polished surfaces. Also noteworthy is the perfect integration of The system of push buttons and the bridge are ideally integrated, with the latter harmonizing nicely with the case shape. The exposed screws reveal engravings of the famous hourglass, the logo of the Maison. The case back shows the eclipse of 1737, also hinting at the Favre-Leuba origins.The dial of the Mercury watch composed of 27 parts is refined due to its complex nature and powerful due to the guilloche and indexes. You will also notice the Greek letter sigma, indicating that the indexes are crafted in solid gold. The solid gold hands imply thorough attention to detail and top quality.The Maison Favre-Leuba has developed two exclusive watchmaking systems - the 'Embedded Running Indicator' (ERI) and the 'Bidirectional / Crown Locking System' (B/CLS).The ERI represents a continuously rotating disc featuring the hourglass logo decoration. Being partially hidden, the system reflects the duality of the Mercury-and-Venus conjunction in the year of the Favre-Leuba foundation, symbolizing the watch's vitality. The innovative B/CLS patented by the brand is incorporated by all Mercury models. The system is used for preventing an accidental manipulation of the crown that may result in unnecessary changes of the date or time. In fact, the watches have two crowns - an inner crown has to be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise to unlock the system, and only then the outer crown can be pulled out for the date or time adjustment. There is a red visual indication on the bridge featured between the two crowns showing whether the system is unlocked. The system offers one more innovation ? it is possible to wind up the movement by hand independently from the B/CLS system position. The system also guarantees waterproofness of the watch, even with the unlocked system and the outer crown pulled for the adjustment. The system provides utmost caliber protection ? the caliber is well-protected from outside air, micro-particles and humidity. The folding clasp also represents an exclusive and patented system of the brand, being based upon an innovative spring and pushers technology. Two pins of the strap guarantee a better hold implying greater security, an important feature especially when the Mercury watches are worn during sports activities. The buckle of the strap has been designed to limit any direct contact between the wearer's skin and metal - the longer part of the strap passes between the wrist and the buckle, offering supreme comfort of wearing.The Mercury collection reminds everyone about the notable events back in 1737, paying tribute to the three-century old history of the Maison Favre-Leuba.

Ulysse Nardin Launches Savarona Maxi Marine Chronometer | 3. Oct 2007 14:10 |

The world of horology has recently witnessed the appearance of a new exclusive timepiece from Ulysse Nardin - the Savarona Maxi Marine Chronometer Limited Edition. The distinctively styled men's watch was created specially for the Turkish Market. The Ulysse Nardin Savarona …

New Dewitt Diamond-Set Timepiece - Academia Seconde Retrograde | 27. Sept 2007 14:50 |

The new Academia Seconde Retrograde is a new majestic creation of Les Montres Dewitt, the brand that after just four years of watchmaking activity had rightfully become an honored member of the prestigious circle of innovative luxury watch manufacturers. The Academia …

Bell & Ross Instrument BR02 - Instrument for Professional Diving | 24. Sept 2007 15:01 |

Bell & Ross, one of the leading brands in the field of Haute Horlogerie, is famous for developing watches for professional use that totally correspond to the high requirements dictated by extreme conditions. Bell & Ross timepieces are produced to offer supreme reliability …

New Raymond Weil Watch Collection | 10. Sept 2007 13:30 |

The latest Gent's and Ladies' collection of mechanical timepieces introduced by the Geneva watchmaker Raymond Weil bears an original name - Freelancer. Having developed the watch collection, Raymond Weil paid tribute to the art and craftsmanship of independent professionals …

Riviera Chronograph XXL - Inspired by Powerful Contrasts | 4. Sept 2007 10:15 |

Riviera is the name of the iconic Baume and Mercier line. The Riviera Chronograph XXL launched by the brand in 2006 is one of the latest and most notable evolutions of the line. The distinctively styled timepiece is based upon the bold combination of red gold and black rubber that creates a resolutely modern and sporty look. The Baume and Mercier Riviera line is the reflection of one of the fundamental watchmaking principles - continuous evolution. The initial Riviera models entered the horology field in the 1970s. The brand launched a new generation of its Riviera watches in 2004. The reinvented Riviera models maintained the distinctive personality of their predecessors - a dodecagonal-shaped case and a flexible strap for unequaled comfort. The meticulous restyled dial of Riviera watches sports Roman numerals and is characterized by ultimate attention to detail. The Baume and Mercier Riviera line is presently found on the list of most highly-demanded items among avid watch connoisseurs. The Riviera XXL chronograph is the brand's powerful and harmonious timekeeping creation. The model sports an originally designed dodecagonal case that measures 43mm in diameter. It is executed in black PVD steel. The peculiarity of the watch's design is revealed through a red gold bezel with the four black symmetrically put screws and a masculine black vulcanized rubber strap. The unusual mixture of various materials is successfully united with a perfect dial finish. The black dial with three black counters catches the glance due to a transfer printed glossy white honeycomb decor nicely matching the dodecagonal shape of the watch. The renowned symbol of Baume and Mercier - the letter phi

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Eight Days Perpetual SQ | 7. Aug 2007 16:02 |

Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed the unique perpetual-calendar watch providing an 8-day power reserve - the Master Eight Days Perpetual SQ. The exceptional nature of the timepiece is further revealed through an entirely skeletonized movement. The mechanism represents a true …

New Kobold Watch Designed Together with Formula One Living Legend | 31. Jul 2007 14:05 |

The new Kobold Rattrapante Stirling Moss was released in Monaco simultaneously with the Monaco Grand Prix 2007. Sir Stirling Moss, Formula One most prominent pioneer, took active part in the process of the watch designing. The new Kobold timepiece is able to measure split …

Ebel - Masculinity at a Glance | 28. Jul 2007 11:36 |

The Ebel watchmaking company has set an ambitious goal to enrich its spectrum of boldly designed timepieces for men. In 2007, Ebel has enlarged its watch collection for men with two robust models - a new Calibre 139 Automatic Chronograph to join the 1911 BTR line, as well …

Hublot Presents its Bat Bang Tourbillon All Black | 17. Jul 2007 14:00 |

Hublot Bat Bang Tourbillon All Black will make you think of the well-known Chaplin's movie 'Modern Times'. The timepiece appeared due to the firm union of traditional horological know-how and futuristic design characterized by subtle black lines. The watch was designed in the most provocative and robust way.The Bat Bang features carbon fibre design inspired by a two-wheel gear-train shape. The timepiece is distinguished by the index-free dial, as well as sharp and salient angles creating a distinctive contrast with the Tourbillon cage's curves.The rubies demonstrated by the Tourbillon movement complement the watch's transparency and black invisibility. The entire construction of the Hublot Bat Bang is based on the harmony of contrasts, uniting such materials as titanium, ceramic, carbon, rubber and steel.The case of the timepiece measuring 44.4 mm in diameter is crafted in satin-finish black ceramic, the same as the bezel. The watch's sapphire crystal is provided with interior anti-reflection treatment. The crown produced from white gold is peculiar for a natural black rubber insert.As for the lugs and the lateral inserts, they are produced from black composite resin. The titanium case-back of the Hublot Bat Bang reveals circular satin-finish and sapphire crystal with interior anti-reflection treatment. The timepiece boasts 100-meter water-resistance. The dial of the Bat Bang reveals a black bridge in carbon fibre shaped as a two-wheel gear-train. The tourbillon cage is visible at 6 o

New Girard-Perregaux Watch Devoted to 32nd America's Cup | 13. Jul 2007 11:56 |

Girard-Perregaux, sponsor of the BMW Oracle Team challenger of record, headed by Luigi Macaluso, has launched a new regatta wristwatch to mark the final rounds of the 32nd America's Cup. The innovative timepiece is called the Laureato Tourbillon Regatta. The new …

Egypt Art Inspired Watch from Jean Dunand | 10. Jul 2007 14:40 |

In 2007 Jean Dunand revealed a timepiece named after an Egyptian pharaoh - Shabaka. The watch surprises by unconventional Egyptian-art-inspired design. The Shabaka's display is worth special attention - it features calendar indications presented through four small cylinders …

New Vulcain Chronograph Watch | 5. Jul 2007 15:50 |

In 2007 Vulcain launched its new chronograph model following the success of the Imperial Gong wrist-alarm developed in 2005. The watch was given an original name - Vulcanographe. Besides the chronograph function, the new timepiece features a 24-hour GMT function and an …


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