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This Just In: Seiko SKXA35 Automatic Diver | 23. Aug 2014 01:06 |

I’ve been a fan of Seiko automatic divers’ watches since glaring at them in display cases in the early 80s. Over the last 15 years I’ve probably had four (one an orange monster). [ note how the official Seiko site…Read more →

Broken Z22 Strap on Seiko SKX-173 Auto Diver | 12. Aug 2014 11:21 |

I wear my Seiko auto diver (skx-173) anytime I’m not wearing my Speedmaster. BTW, the Seiko automatics may be the best price/performance deals in mechanical watches ever. And within that, the diver’s models are the best robust watches going, IMHO.…Read more →

Wristwatch Updates: Lunokhod, Urwerk, Autavia, & MUCH More! | 21. Sept 2012 20:50 |

Lots great stuff to check out today. Don’t miss the Russian steampunk Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod, the stunning Breguet La Tradition pics, or the new Urwerk UR-10001 pocket watch (more pics)! (pic via aBlogToRead) I just bought a Vostok Amphibia”SCUBA Dude,”…Read more →

Review: Vostok Amphibia Automatic Watch | 21. Sept 2012 20:50 |

17d Back around 1999 I bought a Vostok from Harbor Freight Tools for $18 new. Odd that they carried them, but whatever. That one had the paratrooper on a green dial. It came on a (really crappy) leather strap. It was…Read more → 13

Wristwatch Updates: Seiko Quartz Astron, Orange Hand Rolex, & More! | 21. Sept 2012 20:50 |

D@mn, I want one of these new Rolex GMT Explorer IIs with the orange hand. And let’s see some BIG/Heavy watches.  How about a roundup of ETA-Unitas 6497/6498-based watches? And Moments in Time is fantastic. A yellow Seiko Sumo? Thanks…Read more →

Wristwatch Updates: Chopard LUC 3C Tourbillon, Project 99, & Much More! | 19. Jul 2012 14:16 |

1c4 Read about Project 99 — The Race to Develop the  World’s First Automatic Chronograph.  Do you like Double Red Sea Dwellers? I REALLY like these Helson Dive watches. DO NOT MISS the Chopard LUC 3C Tourbillon – The First Triple Certified…Read more → 13

Wristwatch Updates: Tissot, Waltham, Speedmaster & MUCH More | 12. Jul 2012 12:51 |

Lots of fun stuff this week. Pic via Ben at Hodinkee. Hands-On With The Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Professional Chronograph Valjoux – HODINKEE: So when Tissot showed us their new Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph, we said, “Ok, this will do.” Granted,…Read more →

Penn Jillette Pwns Daylight Saving Time and Channels Dr. Higgs | 26. Jun 2012 14:36 |

Enjoy this video. Warning salty language ahead. (via Dr. Perry) The video is fantastic, but especially good is that way he refers to the ratchet effect as described by Dr. Higgs years ago in Crisis and Leviathan! Related links: Daylight…Read more →

Wristwatch Updates: Vulcain Diver, Explorer II, & Much More! | 19. Jun 2012 12:06 |

The new Vulcain Nautical Cricket diver below is fantastic, definitely cool and out of the ordinary. A nice Flickr pool of vintage Heuers. Stunning little Lange collection. Don’t miss the Inside Nivarox article. Be sure to check out the guide to Collecting…Read more →

Thoughts On The New Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph | 8. Jun 2012 15:16 |

Ben Clymer over at Hodinkee gives us a full review of the new Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph. Oh, and thanks to Ben for the pics here! The review is fantastic and a must-read, he summarizes with this: “The Speedmaster Co-Axial…Read more →

Wristwatch Updates: MB&F Legacy Machine 1, De Bethune DB28, & MUCH More! | 5. Jun 2012 14:26 |

A TON of great stuff today. (pic via aBlogToRead) This retro Omega Memomatic from 1975  is sweet. And this Seiko ‘Fifty Three Fathoms’ is one I have on my short-list. be sure not to miss the Visit To The OMEGA Museum…Read more →


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