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Weekly Watch Photo – Hautlence HLRQ-01

Monochrome Watches | 7. Oct 2013 13:52 |

Earlier this year, the avant-garde watchmakers from Hautlence introduced the HLRQ-02 and HLRQ-03. These were the first round models in the renewed collection, featuring the smokey crystal and new colors; an entirely new look actually. When we saw the new HLRQ-02 and HLRQ-03 …

A Letter From The Editor

Monochrome Watches | 29. Sept 2013 11:32 |

It's been a pleasure to see the number of Monochrome readers increase every month and I always enjoy your emails, responses and reactions through all our social media channels. Thank you for that! Since I started Monochrome, back in 2006, it has been a thrill to see …

Montblanc Introduces the ExoTourbillon Rattrapante

Monochrome Watches | 27. Sept 2013 12:32 |

The Watches and Wonders watch fair in Hong Kong has inspired several watch brands to introduce rather impressive new timepieces. And when we say "new" , we really mean new, not just a visual touch-up. Montblanc has really outdone themselves and introduce THE new pinnacle in …

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar and Mark XVII – Limited Special Edition “Le Petit Prince”

Monochrome Watches | 26. Sept 2013 17:52 |

Watches and Wonders is more or less the Asian version of the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, which takes place in Geneva every year). All exhibiting watch brands see this as an important fair, and they have been introducing new timepieces like it's …

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Reviewed

Monochrome Watches | 26. Sept 2013 12:02 |

This year at Baselworld the Monochrome Team visited Tudor for the first time. That might just have something to do with the introduction of Tudor on American soil. Finally Tudor is available for US customers! Over the past few years Tudor has been building a new collection, …

Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst

Monochrome Watches | 25. Sept 2013 20:17 |

Last week we showed you the Grand Complication that A. Lange & Söhne introduced earlier this year (click here). It was Lange & Söhne's first 'grand complication' but it was the second watch from this Saxon watch brand with a striking complication. The first timepiece from …

Vacheron Constantin Introduces the World’s Thinnest Minute Repeater caliber and Thinnest Minute Repeater Watch

Monochrome Watches | 25. Sept 2013 14:27 |

Vacheron Constantin sets two records with the introduction of the Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731. It is the world's thinnest minute repeater movement and the world's thinnest minute repeater wrist watch. This new ultra-thin chiming watch measures just 8.09 …

Parmigiani presents the Bugatti Aerolithe

Monochrome Watches | 24. Sept 2013 17:33 |

In the watch industry there are many collaborations between watches and cars. The combination of mechanics and design, masculinity and speed are easily linked. Just think of Ferrari (now-a-days with Hublot), Porsche (now-a-days Eterna, but it used to be IWC), Bentley (of …

Weekly Watch Photo – A. Lange & Söhne and Horch

Monochrome Watches | 23. Sept 2013 16:33 |

The week always starts with a Weekly Watch Photo here at Monochrome Watches. The photos of this week are provided by German watch manufacture A. Lange & Söhne and they have created a set of brilliant photos... again! It is of course no surprise to you, that we just love the …

Speake-Marin Introduces the Spirit Mk II DLC

Monochrome Watches | 21. Sept 2013 08:38 |

Followers of our online magazine will, without a doubt, know the British watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin. His work with legendary watchmakers Roger Dubuis and Daniel Roth has led to Chapter Two by Maîtres du Temps, and he was also involved in Chapter One together with …

Omega Sochi Petrograd Tonneau Watch for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Monochrome Watches | 20. Sept 2013 10:38 |

Earlier this year Omega introduced the Seamaster Planet Ocean Sochi 2014 Limited Edition, two special editions to honor the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Today Omega introduces another limited edition for the Sochi games. We don't know if that means that the Seamaster …

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture – Monaco Limited Edition

Monochrome Watches | 19. Sept 2013 14:53 |

Ulysse Nardin has a long history in watchmaking and that has led to several iconic timepieces. Take for instance the Freak, that is undeniable an icon in watchmaking history. The (Maxi) Marine Chronometer is maybe less iconic in watchmaking history, but is at least as …

The 5th Edition of the ONLYWATCH Tour Swings Through Shanghai!

Monochrome Watches | 18. Sept 2013 18:38 |

We buy watches for many different reasons: Sometimes we buy them because we love their designs and engineering. Sometimes it’s because we love their status and exclusivity. We buy watches to mark special occasions – even if that occasion is just “today was a good day!” …

The A. Lange & Söhne Grand Complication marks the Beginning of a New Era for the Brand

Monochrome Watches | 17. Sept 2013 18:43 |

A Grand Complication is, exactly as the name indicates, a GRAND complication. Not many brands can say that they have a Grand Complication in the collection and when counting there are really just a few of the oldest and most admirable watch brands that do. Of course there …

Romain Jerome introduces the Tattoo DNA with Tattoo Artist Mo Coppoletta

Monochrome Watches | 16. Sept 2013 09:33 |

Romain Jerome has surprised us many times with special fusions of watchmaking with worldly events. He already created collections using lava from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, steel from the Titanic and copper from the Statue of Liberty. His latest collections …

Weekly Watch Photo – Vintage Omega Watches

Monochrome Watches | 15. Sept 2013 18:33 |

Another start of the week with Monochrome's Weekly Watch Photo and today we'll show you just how incredibly beautiful vintage Omega watches can be. Last week we showed you photos of a vintage LIP, which were made by Etienne Malec. Well, Etienne sent us some more photos and …

One Hand to Rule Them All: a Review of the Meistersinger Perigraph

Monochrome Watches | 13. Sept 2013 10:43 |

Our modern life is timed down to every minute, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. However, one can change his perception of time, by wearing an unusual watch, with only one hand on the dial. Does time seem to flow differently, after a few days of …

Heritage Submariner HS01 by Project X Designs

Monochrome Watches | 12. Sept 2013 12:33 |

When we received the latest press release from Project X Designs, it caused a bit of a confusing situation. The reason for the mixed emotions is the new limited edition Heritage Submariner HS01. Why? Well, here at Monochrome we are no fan of aftermarket modifications on …

Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk MoM – Mission of Mermaids

Monochrome Watches | 11. Sept 2013 17:53 |

On Wednesday, September 25th Girard-Perregaux and the Rockefellers will join forces with Nile Rodgers (founder and lead guitar player of Chic) for the “Changing Watch” event supporting We Are Family Foundation. Girard-Perregaux introduces two special editions for the …

Graham Tourbillon Orrery Looks to the Heavens

Monochrome Watches | 11. Sept 2013 13:48 |

In 1713, George Graham built a clock, which used a mechanical movement to power a heliocentric model of the planets. The mechanical solar system, presented to the fourth Earl of Orrery, was called an Orrery, and because of its precision, all subsequent planetary models …

REVIEW – Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Tech Green

Monochrome Watches | 10. Sept 2013 08:43 |

Linde Werdelin introduced the SpidoLite II Tech Green earlier this year at Baselworld and we got one of the two prototypes for an extensive review. The new SpidoLite II Tech Green is one of two new models that mark a special moment for Linde Werdelin as they have started …

Weekly Watch Photo – vintage LIP Venus Chronograph

Monochrome Watches | 9. Sept 2013 08:48 |

With our Weekly Watch Photo of this week we go back to our roots. Showing photos that made an impact on us and we're not going to write an extensive story about it. Why, you might wonder? Because there simply isn't much information to be found about the LIP watch in …

Harry Winston Project Z6 Blue Edition

Monochrome Watches | 5. Sept 2013 12:13 |

When we hear about Harry Winston timepieces, we immediately think about the mind-boggling Opus series, a yearly horological orgasm that showcases how incredibly beautiful, complex and innovative Haute Horlogerie can be. But here at Monochrome we also appreciate that Harry …

Grieb & Benzinger, the CIA, and the fabled Area 51

Monochrome Watches | 4. Sept 2013 14:08 |

This year, the CIA de-classified several documents, which revealed the purpose of Nevada’s Area 51. Though the US government claims the base was used for the U-2 spy plane program, meaning they remain tight-lipped about the alien bodies kept in cold storage, Grieb-Benzinger …

The Legacy Continues – MB&F Legacy Machine 2

Monochrome Watches | 3. Sept 2013 14:48 |

Max Busser and Friends or MB&F have done it again. Their Legacy Machine 1 (LM1) created a true storm in the world of Haute Horlogerie aficionados and sold out within... well, very fast. After four crazy machines (at that time) collectors, aficionados and possibly a new …

Christopher Ward introduces the C900 Worldtimer

Monochrome Watches | 2. Sept 2013 17:48 |

Just two weeks ago we introduced the brand new Christopher Ward C9 Jumping Hour Mk II to you. In that same article we announced we would be covering more news from this British brand soon and that moment has come. Today we can introduce another model from Christopher Ward's …

Weekly Watch Photo – Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod

Monochrome Watches | 2. Sept 2013 11:23 |

We don't know where Konstantin Chaykin went for vacation, but it looks like he went to some sort of futuristic moon landscape. Well, the result is befitting for photos of the Lunokhod. For this timepiece is a tribute to the Sovjet Union's moon-walkers, called the Lunokhod!

The Arnold & Son UTTE a.k.a the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Escapement – Asprey Special Edition

Monochrome Watches | 30. Aug 2013 14:33 |

Earlier this year Arnold & Son introduced the UTTE, which stands for Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Escapement. The UTTE has a movement that is just 2.97 mm thick and a case thickness of only 8.34 mm, making the UTTE one of the thinnest tourbillion watches on the market. Now they …

Safe And Sound – Stockinger Bespoke Safes

Monochrome Watches | 29. Aug 2013 12:18 |

You’ve spent your life amassing a collection of watches, jewelry, rare coins and other valuables. The very best that money can buy! Sadly, the possessions you collect over the course of a lifetime can all too easily fall victim to a crime of opportunity. Enter Stockinger – …

Omega Grabs the Sailing Spotlight – The Louis Vuitton Cup

Monochrome Watches | 28. Aug 2013 15:28 |

The stage is set. The players are in place, and the quest for the America’s Cup trophy is set to begin. The conclusion of the Louis Vuitton Cup saw Omega’s Emirates Team New Zealand win and earn the right to challenge Team Oracle USA for the America’s Cup trophy. We …


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