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On The Block: Three MB&F Horological Machines At Sotheby's Hong Kong

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 29. Sept 2015 16:13 |

Auction season is upon us and we are in for some exciting pieces. We revealed Phillips' 10 ten pieces coming up in their Geneva sale on November 6th and 7th. Prior to the Phillips auction is the Sotheby’s Hong Kong sale on October 6th. This year the auction features a …

The Rolex Passion Meetup Took Place This Past Weekend, And The Photo Report That Followed Is The Most Obscene Thing You …

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 28. Sept 2015 19:03 |

Every year, Mr. Philipp Stahl and Co. organize an invite-only get together outside Amsterdam to celebrate their passion – vintage Rolex. These yearly gatherings bring together easily the most incredible collection of vintage timepieces in the world, and this year's meetup …

Introducing: The Sarpaneva Northern Lights Limited Edition In A Smaller, Red Gold Case (Interview, Details, Live Pics)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 28. Sept 2015 18:28 |

Did you look up at the sky last night? If not, you just missed a totally amazing lunar eclipse. It was not just any eclipse – it was a complete lunar eclipse with a super moon, or perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system, as the astronomers like to call it. Of course a …

Photo Report: The Seiko Credor Minute Repeater, Live At The Madison Avenue New York Boutique

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 28. Sept 2015 15:33 |

Sure, Seiko makes a lot of watches, and as we reported not long ago you can get an absolutely astonishingly well made watch from them – mechanical, with one of the toughest and most reliable movements on the planet – for under a hundred dollars. When watch enthusiasts talk …

First Look: Ten Top Lots From The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction Two, Including A Steel Split Seconds Patek, The Hermes …

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 28. Sept 2015 12:13 |

It's almost October, and that means the Geneva auctions are just around the corner. Today we are happy to show you some of the highlights of Phillips' second Geneva auction, and boy are there some killers. First, you may remember that in Phillips' first sale this may, …

Bring a Loupe: A Selection Of Elegant Watches From Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek, And Rolex

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 25. Sept 2015 15:43 |

This week's Bring A Loupe will explore a new side of horology, featuring thin and elegant watches that would go so well with a smoking jacket. Expect some great pieces from the most renowned manufactures at tackling slimness issues – Jaeger-LeCoultre and Piaget of …

On The Block: Three Modern (But Out Of Production) Watches To Consider From Next Week's Antiquorum New York Sale

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 24. Sept 2015 19:22 |

I am often asked if there are any watches being made today that I would deem collectible in the long run. While the every day answer would be, “no, at least not in the same way that vintage watches are collectible,” there are some exceptions. We are in something of a …

Recommended Reading: Functioning Mechanical Gears Found In Insect Prove That Biology Came Before Horology

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 24. Sept 2015 19:22 |

For generations, the general consensus was that mechanical gears were in fact a human invention. Scientists at Cambridge University reported recently that they have discovered the first example of mechanical gearing in nature. Found in common garden insects abundant in …

In-Depth: The Chopard Group Launches La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, And FB 1, A Marine Chronometer For The Wrist

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 24. Sept 2015 15:48 |

On September 22nd, the Chopard Group (which includes Chopard, the watch and jewelry maison, as well as Fleurier Ebauches, SA, the movement manufacturer) announced the very first timepiece from La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud. La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud is a new …

Announcing The 2015 HODINKEE Reader Survey: Answer These Few Questions, Win A Vintage Rolex Explorer

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 23. Sept 2015 19:43 |

Every now and then, we at HODINKEE take a second to stop, think about where we are as a business, and for whom we work. The last part of that equation is simple – it's you, the watch lover. So, just like we did two years ago with the HODINKEE Fifth Anniversary Survey, today …

Hands-On: The Les Indomptables de Cartier Décor Watch

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 23. Sept 2015 16:18 |

It is no secret that Cartier does luxury well. As one of the most iconic watch and jewelry brands in the business (and they have been for decades), Cartier never ceases to amaze me in how well they create such beautifully crafted objects. Launched in April of this year, Les …

Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin 57260, The Most Complicated Watch In The World (Exclusive Live Photos, Thoughts)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 22. Sept 2015 16:38 |

Yes, this really happened. Last Thursday in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin catapulted itself into the record books by showing what is now the undisputed king of mechanical watches – its 57 complication reference 57260. My colleague Jack Forster masterfully explained this …

Bring a Loupe: Completely Fake Patek Philippe 1463 In Steel On eBay For Over $25,000 – Here's How To Tell It's A Fake

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 22. Sept 2015 14:28 |

Fake watches are scary and plentiful, great original watches are beautiful but scarce – this is why we keep you up to speed in our weekly edition of Bring A Loupe. However, a weekly column isn't enough to flag all the offenders and we see countless bad watches sell each …

Found: General Patton's Five Minute Repeating Split Second Chronograph Pocket Watch (Live Photos, Detailed History)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 21. Sept 2015 19:08 |

We see a lot of watches at HODINKEE – complicated, simple, new, and vintage. Every once in a while a watch comes across our desks that makes us stop and think about history and time. Recently, we had the pleasure of seeing a unique pocket watch from the early 20th century. …

In-Depth: Breguet And The Legion Of Honor Present 'Breguet: Art And Innovation In Watchmaking' (Tons Of Photos)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 21. Sept 2015 15:13 |

The 19th of September marked the date of the opening of what is, without exaggeration, one of the most exciting horological events I can recall in a long time.  Montres Breguet, and the Legion of Honor (one of the San Francisco Museums of Art) have partnered to create the …

Weekend Report: Watch (And Car) Spotting At The 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 19. Sept 2015 13:23 |

As we told you last month, there isn't a better place to be for a car or watch fan than Monterey Car Week. We've already shown you some of the cars we saw at the contemporary-focused Quail Motorsport Gathering, and now we're back to talk watches. OK fine, we'll show you …

Hands-On: The Angelus U10 Tourbillon Lumière

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 18. Sept 2015 19:53 |

Movement architecture is the first thing I look at in any watch, and it’s why I appreciate the Angelus U10 Tourbillon Lumière so much. I look for new approaches to old problems, shortcuts not taken, and innovative techniques. This watch is a retrofuturistic museum display …

Bring a Loupe: A Patek Tool Watch, The First Diver Ever From Omega, A Stunning Rolex, And Many Others

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 18. Sept 2015 15:48 |

This week's Bring A Loupe will present to you some outlandish yet truly beautiful watches. Let's start with a tool watch that Patek manufactured in the 1960s, with a stainless-steel case! You will also discover two rare divers, the Omega Marine – the first diver watch ever …

Technical Perspective: Why The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 Is A Pocket Watch You Can't Fit In Your Pocket

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 17. Sept 2015 19:53 |

At 98 mm in diameter and 50.55 mm thick, you probably would not want to put the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 in your pocket. Why is it that the more complicated a watch is, the thicker it is? The answer reveals a lot about movement architecture and design.

Introducing: The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 With 57 Complications (The Most Complicated Watch, Ever)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 17. Sept 2015 14:03 |

The watch you are about to discover has, according to Vacheron Constantin, been under development for eight years and is the product of the combined talents of three master watchmakers who oversaw the entire project. But it’s also much more than that. It’s both a museum, …

Introducing: The Breitling Galactic 36 SleekT

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 16. Sept 2015 19:48 |

Breitling has released a new addition to their Galactic 36 collection for women. The watch, named the Galactic 36 SleekT, features a slimmer case and SuperQuartz™ movement.

At The Bench: Testing Out The ONEOF Accuracy

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 16. Sept 2015 19:48 |

Giving someone like me watch-related gadgets that I can empirically test is like handing a grail Lange over to Jack. It just brings out the unadulterated passion we have for the world of watches. Testing the new Accuracy device by ONEOF was a great opportunity to both test …

Hands-On: The Montblanc Bohème Moongarden

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 16. Sept 2015 17:28 |

I have never seen a watch like this before. Sure, it looks like a watch I have seen before, but when you take a closer look you realize that this isn't your average calendar watch. This particular watch is called the Moongarden and it is a new addition to …

Introducing: The Unique MB&F Melchior For The Only Watch Auction

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 16. Sept 2015 16:18 |

MB&F has just announced that they will be donating a unique Melchior to the Only Watch auction taking place in November of this year. The Melchior, released at Baselworld earlier this year, is a highly functioning robot-form timepiece that was created in a limited series of …

Introducing: The Alpiner Manufacture With Alpina AL-710 In-House Automatic Movement

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 16. Sept 2015 00:38 |

Alpina has released a new version of the Alpiner Manufacture that encases the in-house Alpina AL-710 automatic movement. The watch, inspired by a 1950s Alpiner design, maintains the clean lines and practical elements associated with the active brand. 

Talking Watches: With Brad Farmerie

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 15. Sept 2015 19:32 |

Welcome to episode 18 of Talking Watches. Today we're sitting down with Brad Farmerie, the executive chef behind several of the hottest New York City eateries right now. After honing his craft in London in the 1990s, Farmerie returned to the U.S. in 2003 to open Public …

Announcing The First Ever HODINKEE Collectors Summit, Coming To New York City This December

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 15. Sept 2015 15:33 |

We love watches. We love watch collecting. We also love watch collectors, and in fact most of the team at HODINKEE are indeed serious collectors in their own right. The collecting community is a small but ever growing group of global timepiece nuts that bond over a …

Introducing: The New Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Reference 26574 (Details, Official Pricing)

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 15. Sept 2015 02:03 |

Audemars Piguet has released a new take on one of its most popular model, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. The latest iteration follows the release of the last QP wristwatch in 2012 with an upgraded and upsized movement, a slightly more complicated display, clearer dial, …

HODINKEE Watch Buying Guides And Collections Now Available On eBay

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 14. Sept 2015 23:08 |

Did you know that HODINKEE has been putting together weekly buying guides and collections of currently listed items on eBay? Given the popularity of our guide to buying vintage watches on eBay, we decided to put together buying guides for a more broad range of brands and …

Found: Captivating Clockmaking Videos From The Clickspring Project

Wristwatch News, Reviews, & … | 14. Sept 2015 19:48 |

Have you ever wondered about all of the different machining tasks that go into making a clock or watch? Machining is a lot of fun, and takes a good amount of skill and determination. Clockmaker Chris from Cairns, Australia, has been publishing a series of videos documenting …


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