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Upcoming Seiko Anniversary Models? | 16. Feb 2011 09:36 |

Posted by: petew     The picture shown above was posted on Seiya’s blog in a post discussing a new Grand Seiko being released this year to commemorate Seiko’s 130th anniversary.  While the GS looked great, the two watches barely pictured in the lower quadrants really caught …

The Seiko SBBN019 45th Anniversary White Dolphin Diver | 20. Dec 2010 01:36 |

Posted by: petew I found it intriguing that Seiko actually pre-picked a nickname for this special edition diver.  Perhaps they haven’t been too impressed with the nicknames folks have come up with for their other watches.  I’m not much of a watch namer myself, but I have to …

Around Japan with a G-Shock | 26. Nov 2010 12:16 |

Posted by: martback Picture Credit Limited Edition G Shocks are often associated with fashion labels like Stussy or Bape.  However, in a peculiar Japanese fashion, G Shocks have also been issued in celebration of …

The Limited Edition 2010 Seiko Quartz Astron | 31. Oct 2010 01:41 |

Posted by: petew Seiko recently released the Astron, a limited edition high end quartz watch.  This is the first time in Seiko’s history that they have sold a 9F based quartz watch worldwide. Traditionally, Seiko has reserved the 9F movements almost exclusively for their …

Hey Brother, Can you Spare a Dime? | 9. Oct 2010 02:06 |

Posted by: petew Dime, a Japanese Fashion Magazine, recently commissioned Seiko to make a special edition 300M diver.  The controversial result is pictured above.  While some collectors are appalled that someone dared to dress up such an iconic sports watch, others …

Yellow G-Shock Frogman GF-8250-9JF | 6. Oct 2010 15:46 |

Posted by: b_andersen Word from Japan is pre-orders there for the new yellow G-Shock Frogman GF-8250-9JF were sold out in just 5 hours. The newest Frogman retails for ¥38,000 (about $460 US), and is a combination of past and current designs, including the plastic bezel …

The GMT+9 Auction Watchlist #19 | 2. Oct 2010 18:26 |

Posted by: martback & petew Here we go!  How about this Champion Flying Fish Seiko.  It’s a stunner and it sold for 37,600 yen. If you’ve got 3,465,000 yen to spare, you could own one of Seiko’s most collectible watches.  This is a 4520 Observatory Chronometer. This Astron …

Top 10 Ways to Start a Thread on a Japanese Watch Forum | 25. Sept 2010 21:36 |

Posted by: b_andersen Here’s a look at the Top 10 ways to start a thread on a Japanese watch forum. Sure, there are lots of other ways to start threads, but the old salts that follow are gold. Feel free to use them — I know others will. Click on the picture above, [...]

Casio GXW-56 Picture Comparison Compendium | 6. Sept 2010 02:41 |

Posted by: petew Just for fun, I bought the  GX-56-1BDR to see how big it really is.  Anyone who follows G-Shocks has read over and over about the extra large size of this new G.  I thought for sure that I was prepared for the experience of seeing this watch live for the …

Casio Data Bank Calculator Watch DBC-610 Rewind | 3. Sept 2010 17:06 |

Posted by: b_andersen Spammers try daily to post comments to old stories here on GMT+9. Our site has pretty good spam filters and catches most of them. After deleting the spam, I turn off comments on the old posts so spammers can’t try and post there anymore. Anyone who …

G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR | G-Shock Spike Lee DW5000SL-1 | G-Shock Military DW5600MS-1 | 25. Aug 2010 06:36 |

Posted by: b_andersen Who will get the last of these 3 limited edition, classic G-Shocks? I’ve been asking myself that, and watching, for the last few months. Now, like summer wine, they linger, but are all almost gone. is a good place to buy G-Shocks because …

Summer Solar Divers | 19. Aug 2010 02:06 |

Posted by: petew I received these two watches within days of each other earlier this Spring; two Japanese market solar powered divers with different personalities. The Citizen is dark and stealthy with a splash of color on a glossy bezel and the Seiko, with its bright …

Casio G-Shock GX-56 in NYC | 13. Aug 2010 07:21 |

Post by: b_andersen An amusing thing about this picture of the new Casio G-Shock GX-56 — the biggest G-Shock ever — is it comes from an NYC fashion-watch blog called Hodinkee. The comments about GX-56 posted there, and the comments about G-Shocks in general posted there, …

Stussy Seiko XXX Solar 200m Divers Watch | 11. Aug 2010 04:51 |

Posted by: b_andersen Stüssy has partnered with Seiko to release a limited edition diver’s watch. The watch came out in June and retails for ¥33,600 (about $395 US), and is sold at Stüssy stores in Japan to mark the 30th anniversary of the youth-fashion brand. It comes in …

GMT+9 Quality | 5. Aug 2010 03:30 |

Posted by: b_andersen We’re proud of the quality of the images and of the writing we’ve presented to Japanese watch enthusiasts over the last 3½ years. I hope you’ve enjoyed one or two of our articles. As an example of our quality, look at this post from 2007 by petew about …

Seiko HEQ - The Brightz SAGJ003 | 2. Aug 2010 04:00 |

Posted by: petew I didn’t take much notice of this Brightz Advan Chronograph when it was released in 2002. “Nice looking watch, too bad it’s quartz” were my thoughts.  Oh to be young and naive. Years later after I had developed an appreciation for high accuracy quartz …

10 Most Popular Articles on GMT+9 | 25. Jul 2010 17:40 |

Posted by: b_andersen Looked over GMT+9 web stats this morning with a cup of coffee, and thought I’d share with readers the 10 Most Popular Articles we’ve posted since our launch 3½ years ago. Most of these articles are read hundreds of times each week. …

G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR on Amazon | 24. Jul 2010 03:10 |

Posted by: b_andersen Tonight Oxlar lists they only have 4 left in stock of  G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR for $299 shipped. Click on the link, or picture below, to go to Amazon — and get one on your wrist before they’re gone.

G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR on Amazon | 22. Jul 2010 16:45 |

Posted by: b_andersen I noticed this morning that Oxlar lists they only have 4 left in stock of  G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR for $299 shipped. Click on the link or picture below to go to Amazon and grab one of the last ones before they’re gone.

Casio G-Shock AWG-500J-1AJF — Good Design | 19. Jul 2010 00:15 |

Posted by: b_andersen When I noticed Casio G-Shock AWG-500J-1AJF getting harder to find on Japanese websites, I finally ordered one — a watch I’ve wanted since its release in February 2006. This watch is pretty well known on Japanese watch forums, but because it’s a …

Grand Seiko Automatic Mecahnical Hi-Beat 36000 SBGH003 Limited Edition Green Dial | 17. Jul 2010 06:15 |

Posted by: petew Had a neat moment on the golf course recently. I was looking at a thick bank of old tall trees about 150 yards in the distance. There was a light breeze and in the early morning light, the trees would catch the sun and give small sparkles….so you’d see a …

Casio G-Shock Frogman GW-200Z-1DR — ‘The Final Frogman’ | 9. Jul 2010 07:30 |

Posted by: b_andersen They’re calling this watch (above) ‘The Final Frogman,’ as it’s the last of the GW-200 series released. Now we’re in the GWF-1000 atomic Frogman era, and those are expensive — they retail for double the price of GW-200s. The Final Frogman is a limited …

Casio G-Shock Tests of Toughness | 7. Jul 2010 05:55 |

Posted by: b_andersen Check out official Casio test videos featuring G-Shocks punished in ways that would break other brands. Click on the link below to go to Casio’s website and watch the videos. Watch G-Shock Tests of Toughness on Casio’s Website » ###

The GMT+9 Auction Watchlist #18 | 10. Jun 2010 16:30 |

Posted by: petew & martback It’s been awhile since we’ve done a watchlist.  Hopefully we’ve made up for it by including lots of watches we’ve never covered before.  Our cover shot is a Citizen Recordmaster Chronograph.  While I occasionally see these with the black dial, I …

Gulf Oil Spill Estimated Gallons Leaked | 30. May 2010 04:10 |

(článek nemá anotaci)

Jean-Michel Cousteau in the Gulf of Mexico | 25. May 2010 05:50 |

Posted by: b_andersen Jean-Michel Cousteau wears a Seiko diver’s watch in a video posted three days ago on YouTube by the Ocean Futures Society. Click on the link below to go to YouTube and see the 2-minute video. Watch Jean-Michel Cousteau on YouTube » ###

Time to Wear White | 7. May 2010 18:45 |

Posted by: petew White watches are getting very popular. Up until a week ago, I don’t think I’d seen more than a few people in my life wearing a white watch out in “the wild.” Just this past week, I saw at least a half a dozen. It started last Sunday. I was at [...]

Plus Minus Zero Wrist Watch sold out | 6. May 2010 04:50 |

Posted by: b_andersen Checked the ±0 website today and — bingo — they’re all sold out of all versions of the Plus Minus Zero Wristwatch. I wrote about this watch a week or so ago (link). They’re still available here-and-there on the Web and probably in stores in Japan, but …

Casio GA-110 F-2JA Hyper Colors - Not that there’s anything wrong with that | 27. Apr 2010 00:40 |

Posted by: petew This new Hyper Colors Casio “Man in Box” edition has created quite a stir on some of the watch forums.  The sheer audacity of the design has some claiming it’s the ugliest watch ever created while others love the colorful fun aspect of the watch. The “Man …

Plus Minus Zero Wrist Watch | 25. Apr 2010 23:35 |

Post by: b_andersen The ±0 design team lead by Naoto Fukasawa recently released a new analog watch. Made in Japan by Seiko, it’s called the “Plus Minus Zero Wrist Watch.” It follows the same ethos as Fukasawa’s designs for the Seiko Spirit Power Design Project. The design …


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