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a Basel 2013 36d

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 3. Jun 2013 16:02 |

The long trip to Basel Switzerland is over, as always the section page gives you a little snippet of the trip and some of the highlights. Enjoy the pics and we will cover some of the specifics in the next couple weeks. CTWG.The post Basel 2013 appeared first on Watch Expert …

New Year New Gear?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 6. May 2013 19:32 |

2c4 Did you get that watch you have been lusting after for the Holidays? I hope some of you did and for the others, I hope you strive to get that one piece you always wanted. Life, family, kids take precedence and should when it comes to getting new and fun watches. Still, …

A New Race For Steel?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 6. May 2013 17:12 |

325 It has been talked about that this year may be the introduction of the new Steel Daytona. I wondered your thoughts on this, being such a hard watch to obtain is it still something you would put on your grail list or not? Many people sit in waiting, for that first prized …

What We Have been Waiting For!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 24. Apr 2013 16:32 |

2ed Just a tease till I get over to Switzerland tomorrow, the new offerings from Rolex seem to be outstanding this year. A commemorative Daytona, a new color GMT and a steel Yachtmaster II. There are many others, which we will cover, but for the “Watch Guys” these we’re the …

CTWG Breaks Down A Watch With Master Watch Maker Chris Travelstead

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 28. Mar 2013 13:07 |

4ed Have you wondered how the hands come off your watch without breaking? Imagine a pair of very small chopsticks with little V cuts at the end. They wedge under the hands and lift, but first a layer of soft plastic is applied over the top to stop scratching. Lift and …

Last Man Standing

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 21. Feb 2013 06:12 |

143 Is it still ok to wear the 36mm President Rolex even if you are a man? Seems like a strange question, but with the rush of ladies taking over that size in the Rolex category it plagues some guys at the counter. My answer is a resounding yes, it is fine. The trend is for [...]

Omega High Points

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 14. Feb 2013 19:17 |

151 There has been some excellent entries into the Omega line, the Basel Seamaster Chronograph “Race” with the column wheels have made their way to the case, and my personal favorite the new Aqua Terra GMT with the Omega caliber 8605 with the double barrels and the first of …

From Luminox With Love

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 5. Feb 2013 05:42 |

14f Looking for a special sport watch that your lady agents can wear on the go? Consider this Holiday season the Luminox 200 meter water resistant white on white watch, it can serve your Nikita for all her missions and get her back home on time! Carbon case, multi tritium …

7f Henne Holiday On The Go.

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 5. Feb 2013 05:42 |

Shopping on the go is synonymous with the busy season. If you find yourself stretched for time and need a preview peek at a Watch, grab your smartphone and go to From a quick glance you can get a nice cross section of what we carry at Henne Jewelers and …

It’s The Custom

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 5. Nov 2012 18:20 |

Your specialty watch strap people out there have been getting original and producing some wonderful product. Check this custom job done up for an Oris Dive piece? Matching stitch, crocodile and pretty smooth, to get a different look. Don’t be afraid to have the local Mom …

c9 Time To Connect!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 5. Nov 2012 18:20 |

53c Nobody likes to get up in the morning and especially kids getting ready for school. How do we get those kids to raise and not cause a breakdown? Deguise their alarm clock as a toy? The good folks at Lego have made the block alarm clock to give your kids a more friendly …

The Sum Of Our Parts?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 26. Oct 2012 20:20 |

198 I just recently read the following article from LA Times,0,4953150.story. This hits home for us that make our living in the honorable retail environments. Often times customers will bring up the names of …

Prince and Prince?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 26. Oct 2012 19:45 |

The Original Rolex Prince was a piece circa 1920′s and had appeal for the people that era with the sleek design and split dial for the seconds. The watch was re-introduced years later and did not have a great following? I often wonder why this great looking watch took a …

What Is Old Is New?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 26. Oct 2012 19:45 |

I often times have people come in the store and want to restore a family vintage watch. It can be troubling because many parts have have been out of production for years. Yes, a master watch maker can make parts, often bringing the restore to a pretty pricey endeavor. So, …

007 Look What Just Dropped!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 26. Oct 2012 19:45 |

Bond lovers rejoice the Sky Has Fallen and left you a little present. The limited edition SkyFall 007 is the perfect pick up at $6500.00. limited, fun, and ready for action, this watch will not last long. CTWG

Audemars Envy.

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 26. Oct 2012 19:45 |

131 A buddy if mine just secured this fine timepiece and well, you have to be jealous. Limited edition, sourced from abroad and just a beauty to behold. The Royal Oak limited pieces have a class unto their own with quiet subtle looks. They still can remain rather large and …

Blurring The Lines.

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Aug 2012 21:31 |

13f Alright, it’s a white dial 38mm case with a white bezel. The Speed Master automatic chronograph from Omega is very androgynous in the appeal it has. A guy could pull it off on the smaller side, yet a lady would sport the timepiece pushing the big side! There are many …

Hamilton Pan Europe Second Trip

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 7. Aug 2012 22:46 |

13d We like our limited editions and this fun piece from Hamilton watches won’t set you back too much! The Pan Europe has been released again in a new black model (the last was blue on brown leather). A heavy steel chronograph with the Hamilton recharged H31(modified 7753) …

Win A Greg Gottschalk Knife!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 4. May 2012 20:11 |

135 Mastersmith Greg Gottschalk a local craftsman has given us a Knife as a special giveaway here at Henne Jewelers and all I ask is you place an entry via comment in this section. Please give some feedback on his new creation and why you love knives! We carry and highlight …

Ananta-The Blade of Desire!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 4. May 2012 20:11 |

14c Katana blade sides, beautiful dial and movement, the Seiko Ananta is a gem in the Seiko line. I just received a piece for my birthday and just love it. IF your Desire is the $3k range you could not find many watches that will have all the assets that the Ananta does. I …

Speedy Greedy!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 4. May 2012 20:11 |

Be on the lookout for the new Speedmasters they are going to be the coolest portion of the Omega line. The contrast color layouts on the dial are what make these really stand out. Interesting they have gone hard-core on the straps with a Codura nylon mesh. Codura is made to …

Jomashop Meets Chris “Not an Animal” Tiernata.

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 22:56 |

188 [Zalman] Welcome to Jomashop’s customer service. My name is Zalman. How may I assist you with your product selection(s) and purchases? [Chris Tiernata] I was looking at an Omega Planet Ocean Seamaster with a Black Dial, rubber strap. [Chris Tiernata] Do these come with …

When Time Stopped.

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 21:46 |

George Daniels long time watch maker and well known inventor of the Co-Axial escapement has passed away on the date of Oct, 21 2011. He was a well decorated watch maker that had his “claim to fame” producing watches and specialty escapements for Omega. A brief video below …

What To Expect Online. Live Chat with CTWG

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 21:46 |

13d The following is an online seller of Gray-market goods. Know what your in for folks…..CTWG I will be playing the role of Chris(Not an animal) Tiernata Please wait for a site operator to respond… If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message. …

Invicta “Not So Popular Models”

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 21:46 |

17c Invicta has had MANY models of watches, but a few have hit the “cutting room” floor. Here is a list of the not so popular models of Invicta that you might want to stay away from in the aftermarket. CTWG 1) The Grape Mistake…. 2) The Kermit….. 3) The Big Banana…. 4) The …

Bonus Boys!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 18:51 |

5ed The best time of year to get a watch is now! Bonus money will start to flow and people will be trading and selling watches like mad. Keep good tabs on the forums and retail places you shop to find the best after Christmas trades! Just a tip from CTWG.

1af Why Not Turn Harder?

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 18:51 |

5c2 So, your winding your watch and feel this resistance that really is harder than you have felt before? Should I A) Keep turning that thing! B) Go directly to the nearest Watchmaker for advise? or C) Buy a new watch from CTWG. Well C of course, but if the funds are low …

Off Brands

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 18:51 |

169 Sometimes, you run into some brands that your friends have not heard of and they are not really on the compass of many watch collectors. Don’t let this discourage you from picking up a cool piece from time to time. Many small watch outfits can produce some outstanding …

More and More!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 18:51 |

The plague is back in the form of fakes again. Poor, Rolex is always getting hit with the rash of fakes and now it is out again with the new style Submariner! Pictured is a fake Rolex with a fake ceramic bezel, fake big lugs and fake, fake, fake. It gets old, indeed and the [...]

Bonding Again!

24 Watch Expert Chad The Watch … | 9. Feb 2012 18:51 |

You have the feeling that a spy is in your midst, you turn quickly and the only thing between him and you is your trusted James Bond 007 Anniversary Edition Timepiece! Runnnn! you may scratch it! 50 Years of the the tradition continues and why not, the timepiece always …


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