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Sunday, Jan 10 2016

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Buying Watches In Buffalo Grove, Illinois: Burdeen’s Jewelry

aBlogtoWatch | 10. Jan 2016 22:48 |

In the northern Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, you will find family-owned and operated Burdeen's Jewelry. They have served the "Chicagoland" area since 1980, and this coming year they will celebrate carrying watches for a quarter-century. While they prominently feature a …

Watch Review | Gruppo Gamma Vanguard | Real. Honest. … | 10. Jan 2016 21:03 |

Looking for a watch that quenches your thirst for bronze but doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than Gruppo Gamma, a brand that we’ve grown to love, which has a few that are right in your wheelhouse. Since WatchReport reviews watches that our audience seems to crave, …

Watch Video Rewind for January 10, 2016 | 10. Jan 2016 14:43 |

Welcome to Watch Video Rewind, our weekly look at watch related videos we track down from various corners of the Internet (mainly YouTube, but still...). Today I've got a brand video, a women's watch collection, and a manufacturing video covering sapphire crystals. The post …

What Do Watch Buyers Want From The Watch Industry?

aBlogtoWatch | 10. Jan 2016 09:33 |

The watch industry is listening... What many people who comment on aBlogtoWatch articles may not realize is that the people and brands we write about carefully read not only our coverage of their products, but also take the time to monitor the reader comments. The article …

MY WATCH STORY: Miles’s Rolex GMT Master II

Time and Tide Watches | 10. Jan 2016 06:08 |

Your name: Miles Wharton (AKA the impeccably dressed gent behind Men’s Fashion Blogger). Your watch: Rolex GMT Master II in steel and yellow gold. What’s the story behind it?  I bought it as a present to myself on my birthday after the success of a business I …

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